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If you have questions or are interested in scheduling a free site visit and receiving a free quote please drop us a line using the form on this page. (Our typical response time ranges from a few hours to a few days if we're really backed up.) We will never sell, share, or use the information you provide for any purpose other than this specific inquiry.

I'm interested in information about (check all that apply)
Upgrading my existing oil/propane boiler/furnace to wood pellets
Upgrading my existing cordwood boiler/furnace to wood pellets
A new wood pellet central heating system
Bulk wood pellet storage (Not compatible with wood pellet stoves)
An automated system to feed wood pellets to an existing boiler or furnace
Do you currently have a wood pellet boiler/furnace? YesNo
Do you currently have a wood pellet stove? YesNo

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