Pellergy Wood Pellet Furnace: ASME-Rated and Made in the USA

Pellergy’s hot air wood pellet furnace is has a firing rate of 200,000 btu/hour with 82% Efficiency. The Pellergy wood pellet burner systems have been extensively tested with this ASME-Rated, specially developed wood pellet furnace in both residential and commercial applications.

The KPG-200 has an auto-combustion chamber clean out and is designed to burn pellets with maximum efficiency.  It has easy clean out and is lighter weight for moving into basements and hard to access areas.

Pellergy wood pellet furnace

This wood pellet furnace is installed in a greenhouse and is shown with the Pellergy 550lb working hopper. In this case the hopper is filled using bags of wood pellets, but could just as easily be connected to a bulk bin.

Pellergy wood pellet furnace

This wood pellet furnace is installed in a shop and is fed by a 5-ton bulk bin. Note that the furnace heats the shop space with the outlet in the right of the picture and also heats the living space with the duct work seen penetrating the wall on the left.  More information is available on the KPG-200 series data sheet.

Pellergy KPG-200 Wood Pellet Furnace Description:
-Pellergy PB-3550 Burner
-550LBS Hopper
-Auto Combustion Chamber Cleanout
Firing Rate: 200,000 btu/hr 82% Efficiency

Suitable for the following uses:

  • greenhouse
  • work shop
  • granite shed
  • commercial garage
  • industrial storage spaces
  • office building
  • apartment building
My wife feels so good about our new Pellergy wood pellet central heating system that I often find the thermostat bumped up a couple of degrees from our old oil standard. Bill Drunsic, Manchester Center, Vermont.


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We believe the money we spend on heating in the Northeast, should stay here in the Northeast.  We believe it is our collective responsibility to resist climate change.  We believe we can all do well by doing good.



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