Wood Pellet Conversion Burners

Pellergy manufactures their burners in Vermont, USA.

Pellergy manufactures their burners in Vermont, USA.

NEW for the 2015/16 Heating Season: Pellergy burner systems are currently only offered for converting existing cord wood boilers and furnaces. Additionally, Pellergy wood pellet burners are only available through existing Certified Installers who have had experience installing, commissioning and maintaining these systems.  All new Pellergy Certified Installer training will focus exclusively on our Pellergy Alpha boilers.   Following the issuance of new EPA emissions regulations in May 2015, the PB-3550 and PB-1525 burner systems are no longer available as a part of a wood pellet boiler package, and do not qualify for State incentives.

The wood pellet burner is the technologically-enabling component of the legacy Pellergy system. The burner combines all the necessary ingredients for complete combustion—heat, fuel and air—to produce a clean-burning flame to fire in a new or existing boiler or furnace. Pellergy wood pellet burners provide for fully automated combustion by incorporating an electronic igniter, combustion blower and a photoelectric flame sensor. The burner ignites the wood pellets, supplies combustion air and monitors the flame for proper operation. Design features of the burner allow for very high temperature combustion without suffering the effects of corrosion or thermal breakdown.

The Pellergy burner comes in 2 sizes, the 1525 to heat buildings up to about 3,000 square feet, and the 3500 for larger spaces.  Pellergy burners can also be set up in series.

Click here for a PB-1525 Data Sheet.

Click here for a PB-3550 Data Sheet.

Pellergy’s wood pellet burners are very efficient. The burner operates on gasification principals to provide for the most compete combustion possible. Primary combustion air gasifies the wood pellets within the burner, then pre-heated secondary combustion air is injected to produce the same heat output as an oil burner.  Pellergy’s wood pellet burner mounts directly on an existing boiler or furnace or can be used to fire a new system. It is also flexible and can be set up to meet the heat output (btu/hr) firing requirements of your existing system. The wood pellet burner is set up, optimized and left to automatically fire your system and heat your home or business.

The Pellergy controller is the brains of the system, allowing for fully automated operation with minimal input from the owner. The controller is based on a microprocessor which monitors input from your existing thermostat, the Pellergy burner and your boiler’s existing control system. This system provides the same level and consistency of heat you have been accustomed to with oil.

The controller generates outputs to indicate at what stage of the burn cycle the system is operating. It will also provide error messages in the event of a system shutdown.  And with the optional remote alarm the system—will notify customers by phone, text message and/or email in the event of an issue.

The inner burn chamber of the Pellergy burner is cleaned on a regular basis to remove the buildup of clinkers (noncombustible parts of the wood pellet). An optional Automatic Cleanout system can be installed in the Pellergy burner to remove clinker buildup without user intervention, dramatically increasing the time between required maintenance.

Pellergy wood pellet burners: Providing Clean, Efficient Combustion.

PB-3550 wood pellet burner

Look for installation pictures of the PB-1525 along with our boiler line and Certified Installer projects on our Flickr feed!