Wood Pellet Boiler Conversion

Not all oil boilers are suitable for converting to wood pellets.  Pellergy has had successful wood pellet boiler conversion with the following boilers and hot air furnaces.  All conversions require Pellergy’s custom interface door.

Boilers that Can be Converted to Wood Pellets with Pellergy Wood Pellet Boiler Conversion Technology

Burnham MPO: 147, 189, 231,
Burnham MegaSteam: MST513, MST629

Biasi: SG-3, SG-4, SG-5, SG-6, SG-7

New Yorker: CI-HGS-3, CI-HGS-4, and all the FR series

Axeman Anderson: some models

Crown: Freeport

Buderas: G115-4 and above, G215-3 and above

Solid fuel boilers and furnaces including most coal and cord wood-fired boilers and furnaces.

For more information on Pellergy wood pellet boiler conversion, please drop us a line and we will set you up with your local Pellergy Certified Installer.

Boilers that Cannot be Converted to Wood Pellets with Pellergy Wood Pellet Boiler Conversion Technology

Energy Kinetics system 2,000

Boilers with pin-type heat exchangers: for example Peerless WB and WC series boilers

Weil-McLain: Gold series

Smith: depending on model number

Most propane and natural gas boilers

Residential hot air furnaces


My wife Pam and I purchased the Pellergy system December 2008. Overall we 
have been very pleased with all aspects of the system. We have lived at our current location for over 25 years. In that time we had used both wood and oil for our fuel needs. Several years ago, like most consumers, we looked into a more cost efficient fuel system, indoor and outdoor wood and pellet boilers as well as pellet stoves. Then we came across Pellergy. When we first saw a demonstration of how the system works, we were immediately impressed with its simplicity as well as its safety. Using the current safety features that were already in place with our oil system was a large factor in our purchase. Gerry Florentine, East Ryegate,Vermont.


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We believe the money we spend on heating in the Northeast, should stay here in the Northeast.  We believe it is our collective responsibility to resist climate change.  We believe we can all do well by doing good.



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