Vermont increases cash incentive for wood pellet boilers and furnaces!

Vermont’s 2031 vision for a green heat future is to reduce fossil fuel heating by 90%.  Thats why they just have increased the incentive for wood pellet furnaces and boilers from $1,000 to $3,500!  There has never been a better time for Vermont homeowners to go green.  Switching from oil to wood pellet heating fuel reduces your carbon footprint equivalent to your car NOT driving 15,000 miles!

If you’re like most people, you finance your house and your car. Modern heating appliances are expensive, but you have lots of good financing options. For example, a typical, 10-year green energy loan for a home that burns about 900 gallons of oil annually would save the homeowner over $1,000 a year in heating costs while paying off the new wood pellet heating equipment at the same time. That $,1000 savings starts the very first year! After 10 years the savings would typically be about 40% less than the cost of oil—and who knows how much oil will go up in 10 years!

You may find the savings even greater if you can roll this purchase into your existing mortgage.

Read more about the $2,500 rebate.
Read more about the $1,000 rebate.


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