Multi-Fuel Wood Pellet Boilers

Multi-Fuel - Cordwood/wood pellet boiler

Multi-Fuel – Cordwood/wood pellet boiler

Multi-Fuel - oil/gas/wood pellet boiler

Multi-Fuel – oil/gas/wood pellet boiler


Looking for Fuel Flexibility?  The ability to burn the heating fuel of your choice, when you choose to?  Are you concerned about price, availability, or the long term outlook of one fuel or another?   Pellergy’s wood pellet burners have been tested and listed for use on the Biasi 3-Wood Series of cord wood boilers as well as the QHT Saint Roch Universal (SRU) cast iron boilers.  Both of these boilers are sectional cast iron using the latest European alloys.  They incorporate a full front door for ease of access for manual clean-out. Both the Biasi 3-Wood and the SRU boilers are ASME rated.

The Biasi 3-Wood is a sectional cast iron cord wood boiler.  When fitted with a basic aquastat and a customized door for a Pellergy wood pellet burner, this boiler becomes an automated pellet boiler that is fully thermostatically controlled.  No more loading cord wood 5-6 times per day!  But what if you’re the kind of person who has access to an abundance of low cost cord wood?  What if you tend to burn cord wood on the weekends when you’re home and like the ability to do so?  Just pull two pins and swap the pellet burner door off the 3-Wood and put the cord wood boiler door on for the weekend and Burn cord wood.  Fuel switching between cord wood and pellets takes about 10-minutes and allows you to burn the fuel of your choosing.

The SRU Series of boiler has been tested and listed for use with the Pellergy Wood Pellet Burners, Standard Oil Burners and Conversion Gas Burners.  Want the ability to play the market for the best fuel prices?  Want to be able to switch between fuels with only the swap of a door and mounted burner, maintaining all the existing controls and safety features?  Take a look at the Pellergy wood pellet burner and SRU option.  Also available for the Biasi SG series of boilers, this flexible fuel option is already installed in dozens of homes throughout the Northeastern US.  With the help of your Certified Installer, the system can be set up to plug and play burners capable of Wood Pellets, Oil or Gas.

Sizes vary and options are many.  Contact your local Pellergy Dealer today for the system that is right for you.