How to convert a Tarm boiler to auto-feed wood pellets

Tarm boiler firing with Pellergy Wood Pellet auto-feed systemCordwood is still the most cost-effective way of heating your home. Tarm (and other Brands of) cordwood boilers are great appliances because they can be set up to heat both your home and your hot water. In many cases these cordwood boilers have been set up as backup systems to the home’s primary oil heating system. Due to the recent spike in oil prices, a lot of  people are taking a second look at their backup system. Of course the biggest drawback to a cordwood boiler is the need to tend the fire several times a day. If you are “over” the need to constantly feed wood into your cordwood boiler, or if your system was originally set up for backup, you’ve got options.

Fortunately, Tarm and most other cordwood boilers are excellent candidates for conversion to auto feed, thermostat-controlled, wood pellet fuel. “It’s a pretty simple conversion” says in Andy Boutin, general manager at Pellergy wood pellet central heating systems. “We simply customize the door of the boiler to accept a Pellergy wood pellet burner.”  The burner is connected to a controller and an auger conveyor system which draws pellet from one of Pellergy’s many storage solutions.


The cost to convert a Tarm or similar cordwood boiler to auto feed wood pellets is about $4,500 plus installation costs. Pellergy systems are only sold through our network of certified installers. You can find less expensive, do-it-yourself, imported pellet burners on the market, but systems fire all the way up to 200,000 BTU and come complete with all controllers, conveyances, automatic burn chamber cleanout, and a seven-day bin which is easily upgradable a Pellergy’s three, four, or five ton fabric bin for bulk pellet delivery. Because Pellergy systems are made right in Montpelier Vermont parts are always available on short notice.


The other thing about Tarm boilers in particular is that they lend themselves particularly well too firing on wood pellets because of their high-efficiency. Tarm makes some of the most efficient cordwood boilers on the market because of their advanced heat exchanger design.

If you were considering converting your Tarm or other cordwood boiler to An auto-feed wood pellet system, your first step should be to contact a Pellergy certified installer. He can give you all the details about cost and conversion options.

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